why private lessons?

Private lessons are customized to achieve the goals of ONE student. Dynamite offers private lessons in Artistic gymnastics, Trampoline & Tumbling, strength and conditioning, and anything related to tumbling and gymnastics. In addition to teaching gymnastics skills, our instructors can create lessons that use gymnastics as a vehicle for developing confidence and life skills, improving motor planning, and helping build strength and dexterity.

Email hello@dynamitegc.com or call 301.770.2700 for recommendations or to schedule a private lesson.


From cheerleaders needing that back handspring for tryouts to a dancer wanting an aerial to a gymnast wanting to master a cartwheel--we are here for you.

Unlike classes which follow a designated curricula, private lessons are 100% focused on the student's goals. For this reason, athletes can achieve dramatic results in far less time. Want to progress even faster? Ask for homework!

We have helped gymnasts, cheerleaders, ballet dancers and other athletes interested in building targeted strength and/or flexibility, specific skills, and overall postural changes.



Afraid of the high beam? No problem! Our instructors can spend as much time as needed to overcome fear. Don't know how to use a double mini? We will teach you!

A huge gym can be intimidating. We understand that not everyone can jump right into classes. Private lessons allow students to develop fundamental skills, learn about the various apparatus and how to use them, and feel more confident in a gym setting. 

We are happy to tailor one or a series of private lessons to get your athlete where he or she wants to be. 


Motion Education is a program for kids and adults with special needs that partners with Dynamite gyms to create an environment where everyone, regardless of age or ability, can be successful.

Utilizing Floortime and developmental strategies, Motion Education facilitators help students with physical, behavioral, cognitive, sensory processing, and emotional challenges to excel. 

Surrounded by their peers, students develop confidence, motor planning skills, social skills, positive behavior, strength and flexibility--all while having fun.