For those gymnasts eager to grow their talents, we offer a variety of pre-team opportunities. These classes are designed to prepare your gymnasts to join Dynamite's women's artistic or TNT teams.  Please Note: Team Track classes are by INVITATION ONLY. 


Our Artistic Competitive Track begins with USA Gymnastics Levels 1 and 2, where preschool and young elementary school gymnasts enjoy a more foundational-based curricula, developing the strength, flexibility and skills for pre-competitive gymnastics. These classes include our Mini Missiles (ages 3 - 5), Missiles (ages 5 - 7) and Advanced Missiles (ages 4 - 9).  Missiles classes meet 1 - 3 times each week, ranging from 60 - 120 minutes each. 

Dynamite’s offers two Pre-Team artistic tracks:  USA Gymnastics and Xcel (“Rec Team”)--both meeting 2 - 3x/week for 2 - 3 hours. These teams work on building proper shapes, strength and flexibility, as well as mastering technically-correct skills for the introductory competitive levels.


TNT Pre-Team meets 1 - 2 times/week for 90 minutes. This group works on shapes, strength and flexibility training in order to master the skills needed for competition.