class programs


Dynamite offers a variety of class programs to provide multiple avenues to grow and thrive. Our preschool program combines gymnastics with developmental movement, although at 3 years old, gymnasts can specialize in TNT. At the age of 5, students choose whether to specialize in Artistic gymnastics, TNT, or GymFusion. At 10, girls may join Tumbling for Cheer & Dance. 

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An up-and-coming gymnastics sport. Students develop skills on trampoline, double-mini trampoline, and rod floor (power tumbling strip). 

CLASS OPTIONS: Mini TNT (3 - 5), TNT (5 - 7), TNT (7 - 10), TNT (10+) 

INVITATION ONLY: Advanced Rockets, Team Track and Competitive Team


gymfusion (artistic + tNT)

Artistic gymnastics meets Trampoline & Tumbling. Students have the unique opportunity to learn skills on equipment for both sports. Perfect for kids who prefer a little of everything or want to figure out what they like.

CLASS OPTIONS: Gymfusion (5 - 7), Gymfusion (7 - 10)



Think Simone Biles. Students develop skills on bars, beam, vault and the spring floor. Focus on proper progressions in a fun and encouraging way. 

CLASS OPTIONS: Snaps (5 - 7), Rockets (7 - 10) or Rockets (10+) 

INVITATION ONLY: Advanced Rockets, Team Track, and Team


Toddlers + preschool

Obstacle courses comprised of bars, beams, blocks and springboards to develop fundamental gymnastics skills.

CLASS OPTIONS: Mini Sparklers (6mos - 2yrs), Sparklers (18mos - 3 yrs), Poppers (3 - 4), Firecrackers (4 - 5), Mini TNT (3 - 5) 


tumbling for cheer & dance (T4C&D)

Students learn Artistic tumbling elements (primarily on the rod floor and spring floor) that are easily translatable to surfaces found in cheerleading and dance.

CLASS OPTIONS: T4C&D (7 - 10), T4C&D (10+)

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adult gymnastics 

Primary focus on tumbling skills. Depending on the level of the student and the discretion of the instructor, students may practice skills on trampoline, beam, and bars. All levels are welcome! Ages 18 - 99

CLASS OPTIONS: Adult Gymnastics