use makeups for more than just classes

Dynamite grants UNLIMITED makeups for missed classes that can be used for classes, camp, open gyms, and events for the student, siblings or friends. Dynamite makeups can also be used at Bolt Parkour, The Agility Center, or Dynamite Tumbling & Cheer. Abuse of our liberal makeup policy may result in makeups no longer being granted and reimbursement for erroneously accumulated or redeemed makeups.

makeup rules

  1. Makeups accumulate and may be redeemed while the student is enrolled; any makeups remaining once enrollment ends will be forfeited.
  2. Class absences must be reported AT LEAST 48 HOURS prior to the start of class. The purpose of a makeup is to offer flexibility; however, other students need to have the option of using the vacant spot which is only possible with advance notice. Of course, we understand if you have an emergency; however, serial absences with no notification may result in makeups not being granted. 
  3. Once a makeup is scheduled, whether or not your student attends, the makeup will be considered redeemed--whether for a makeup class, or camp, open gym or event.
  4. While we permit parents to schedule makeups in advance, parents are responsible for reimbursing the trial rate or regular cost of open gyms, events or camp days for any makeups used beyond the number of makeups earned upon discontinuing enrollment. 

redeeming makeups 

To apply makeups towards camp days or events, please contact the gym directly at or 301.770.2700. Please include MAKEUP REDEMPTION REQUEST in the subject line so we don't miss it! 

scheduling makeup classes at dynamite

To schedule a makeup, visit our Parent Portal:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select class, click on ENROLL NOW
  4. Pick the student
  5. Click on ADD TO CART
  6. Proceed to checkout
  8. Wait for an email confirmation (we do not allow makeups in classes where we know students are not registered or will not be there that day)

Want to do a makeup but the class is full? Give us a call at 301.770.2700. When someone else calls out, you are in!

go on hold

Dynamite allows students to switch from active enrollment in a class to HOLD status. While the student will lose his/her spot in class and will not longer accumulate makeups, makeups can be redeemed while on HOLD. $25/month