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Adult class balancing on the beam


If a cartwheel is on your bucket list, you want to gain strength or flexibility, or dream of getting back in the sport, we can help. Adults of all ages and levels are welcome to attend classes or join our team to pursue their dreams of progressing in gymnastics.


Dynamite is now open for limited classes. Our adult class is limited to a 10:1 ratio and invites students to learn new skills and perfect old ones. Our instructors will help you understand progressions, drills, and mechanics.

The Adult Tumbling class provides instruction to students of all levels who want to learn or practice tumbling skills. Forward rolls and handstands to handsprings and flips—we teach it all. Equipment includes in-ground trampolines, tumble track, rod floor (power tumbling) and spring floor.

The Adult Gymnastics class mainly focuses on tumbling, but students are also invited to learn skills on beam, bars and all other equipment. This class permits students to work on the skills they want with an instructor who provides drills and corrections.

Gymnastic Foundations is an introductory class for adults with little to no experience in gymnastics, but who have always wanted to try. Students will learn basic gymnastics shapes and develop strength and flexibility needed to learn basic skills. Skills covered include rolls, handstands, cartwheels and bridges on floor, balance skills on beam, front supports, swinging and casting on bars, and spring board approach and punching technique on vault. Students will also develop air awareness by learning basic trampoline sequences. This class is taught by experienced coaches who provide individualized attention and use technique and progressions for maximum success. 

Online (Zoom) Deep Stretching involves using lacrosse balls and foam rollers to break up fascia and gain range of motion, which is a critical component to building handstands and other basic gymnastics skills. Alternating between upper and lower body, the students groan and cry together, but it’s totally worth it!

If you are interested in more gym time and motivated to improve your gymnastics with like-minded people, try out for Adult Team! We offer two-hour practices so you have plenty of time to work on your skills in our awesome training facility. This loosely structured model allows you to work on what you want while having plenty of support from teammates and a lead facilitator. When you feel comfortable, you are welcome to join others from the class in competitions. 

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