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Dynamite Gymnastics Center was built for safety and fun.

The math is easy. Hundreds of square feet of bouncing floors + too many foam squares to count deep in our tumbling pits + trampolines + loads of tumbling tracks equals thousands of square feet of bouncing, balancing, and bounding.

We pay particular attention to the layout of our gyms ensuring ample space for all of our gymnasts to make the most of their experience in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. From our 1,500 square foot pre-school zone to our extensive competition-level apparatuses for Women’s Artistic and Tumbling & Trampoline gymnasts, Dynamite’s facilities offer the space for all athletes, regardless of level or natural acumen, to grow, leap, bounce, and flip their way to success.

And, while the kids are hard at work inside the gym, parents can relax and make the most of their time. With free Wi-Fi, vending machine, and a wide viewing area of the whole gym, parents can watch their kids land their first cartwheel while finishing up that last work email. Additionally, our Pro Shop at Dynamite Gymnastics Center is full of awesome Quantum leotards, Dynamite-branded t-shirts, sweats and all sort of other gymnastics must-haves. 

Dynamite center row of balance beams
Dynamite center wide shot of equipment
Dynamite center photo of trampolines and equipment
Dynamite preschool area with obstacle equipment
Dynamite equipment, obstacle courses, and bars

Equipment & Layout

Preschool area: 1,500 sq ft area with a trampoline, monkey bars, beams, a mini tumble track, rings, blocks, mats, bars, rope, and other gymnastics apparatus. Six rotations of obstacle courses which incorporate gymnastics equipment specifically designed for little hands and curious minds. 

Artistic gymnastics apparatuses: Interspersed throughout the gym, Dynamite has two vaults, nine beams, three uneven bar sets, four single rails, and a spring floor (used in the 2013 American Cup). 

Trampoline & Tumbling (TNT) equipment: To the right of the entrance, Dynamite has four stringbeds (two in-ground and two above-ground), two double-mini trampolines, and an 84' rod floor.  

Other equipment/apparatuses: 50' tumble track, large foam pit, various blocks and mats, floor beams, resi pits, springboards, pit pillows, spring boards, floor beams, donuts, octagons, and other assorted mats.

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