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Little Gymnast Preschool Class


Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate

Equipment: Bars, Beam, Rope, Trampoline, Monkey Bars, Rings, Small Obstacle Courses, Basic Tumbling Stations

Class Length: 45 minutes

Class Ratio: 6 to 1

We all know that gymnastics is a great way to develop physically, but it is also well-documented that it helps preschoolers prepare for school. Learning how to wait, take turns, listen, and develop friendships are critical to kindergarten success. Our classes focus on building social skills in addition to building strength, dexterity and gymnastics skills. 


Parent Coaching (1-4 years) invites parents to learn how to hand spot their children as they traverse beams, swing on the rope and hang on bars. Students also learn the various rotations in the preschool area and how to use the equipment. Foundational gymnastics skills, strength, flexibility and motor planning are taught in this energetic, fun class. 


Preschool classes are broken down into several age groups for socialization purposes. Students develop strength, flexibility, motor planning and gymnastics skills development to prepare students for the "big" equipment (in Gymfusion) when they turn 5. 


Mini TNT (3-5 years) is specifically designed for preschoolers who want to get a jump start in TNT, a co-ed competitive program. Students focus on shapes, air awareness, jumping and basic tumbling so they can be ready to transfer into TNT classes when they turn 5. 

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