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kids having fun gymnastics


While we group students by age to foster peer development and social skills, our instructors are trained to teach a wide range of skills. This creates a learning environment that builds social, emotional, physical and mental growth.

We want everyone to feel the joy of learning gymnastics. Our instructors delight in helping students of all ages master the basics and develop confidence to take their gymnastics as far as they wish to take it.

Registering For A Class

  1. Log in or Create an Account in the Customer Portal

  2. Add Student

  3. Click on "Bookings" and "Find a Class"

  4. Pick the class you want, click on "Enroll Now"

  5. Select the correct studentUnder

  7. Click on "Continue Enrollment"

  8. Click on "Add to Cart"

  9. Click on "Proceed to Checkout"

  10. Click on "Continue" and enter payment information

  11. Click on "Continue," select "Form of Payment" and "Preview Payment"

  12. Click on "Process Payment"

  13. Done! Just remember to request your drop date 48 hours prior to the end of whichever month you want to end enrollment as our system auto-bills on the 1st of each month. Follow the CHOOSING AN END DATE steps to send a drop request.

Choosing An End Date

Parents are responsible for ending enrollment. We bill monthly for the entire month, so set your child's end date the last day of the month. If your child will not be attending all of the classes in his/her last month, be sure to use the makeups you will accrue up through the end of your final month before you end enrollment. All makeups are forfeited on the end date. 

  1. Log into the Customer Portal

  2. Click on "Enrollments" in the side bar

  3. Click on "View Enrollment" next to the class you would like to set an end date for

  4. Click on DROP

  5. Fill in date under "Requested Last Day of Enrollment" field (MUST be set for the last day of the month; Dynamite does not prorate for early drops)

  6. Click on "Request Drop"

  7. You will get an email confirming your drop request. :)

If you need help or have any questions, reach out to us today.

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