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t & t team track

Trampoline & tumbling (T & T) competition track



At Dynamite, we believe that every athlete can achieve their goals with the right attitude and hard work. Trampoline & Tumbling (T & T) is great for kids and adults (we have a competing dad) of all sizes, shapes, and ages. USA Gymnastics (USAG) governs the Trampoline & Tumbling program, and is responsible for creating the rules for the sport. In competitive T & T, athletes can choose to compete in any or all of the three events: Trampoline (now an Olympic sport), double-mini trampoline (DMT), and power tumbling. Routines are compulsory (created by USAG up through level 7) and optional (athletes have unique routines comprised of required elements in levels 8 - elite). Our team ranges in levels from 4 - elite, with all levels practicing together, although grouped by level. 

T & T junior olympic track


Atomic / advanced atomic

Beginning at the age of 3, students can begin training for high-level T & T. These classes are instrumental in developing the strength, flexibility and shaping necessary to develop strong fundamentals and air awareness. Basic skill development is instrumental for long-term success. 

t & t preteam 

At age 4, athletes are eligible for assessment to join our preteam, which continues their development of mechanics and fundamentals. Students perfect position jumps, and begin learning flipping, twisting progressions, and routines to prepare the for competition.

T & T team

Building on the foundation established during pre-team training, team athletes focus on skills and routines required for competition. Team members are expected to attend practice 2 - 4 days, depending on the level. A separate assessment is required to cover meet fees. 

For more information about JO team track, please email or call 301.770.2700.