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Team adorning medals and trophies at competition


Developmental Program & Xcel

At Dynamite, we believe that every athlete can achieve their goals with the right attitude and hard work. We also understand that while some gymnasts would live in the gym if they could, others have other interests outside of gymnastics. For these reasons, we offer advanced classes and competition options that provide flexibility in hours, commitment and competition.


USA Gymnastics (USAG) has two tracks: Xcel (recreational competition) and the Developmental Program (formerly Junior Olympic Program). Xcel gymnasts typically practice fewer hours than JO gymnasts and create their own routines at every level. For the first five levels of the Dev Program, USAG creates the routines, while levels 6 and up have required elements and the gymnasts create their own routines. Practices are typically 3 - 4 hours per day, 3 - 4 days per week.


Advanced Gymnastics

Advanced Gymnastics is invitation only and for gymnasts who have mastered specific skills in Gymnastics class. Most go on to compete in Xcel

Pre Xcel

Pre Xcel is for gymnasts who want to compete recreationally. Typically for older (10+) gymnasts or gymnasts who participate in other sports or activities. 

Xcel Team

Xcel Team members practice 2 - 4 times per week. Meets are typically in the DMV area and a separate assessment fee is required to cover competition fees. 

These classes are Invitation Only. For more information or to try out, please email or call 301.770.2700.



Beginning at the age of 3, girls can begin training for high-level gymnasts. These classes are instrumental in developing the strength, flexibility and shaping necessary to build and maintain a healthy body and strong mind. 

Pre Team

Our pre team program focuses on strength, flexibility, shaping, and key gymnastics elements (i.e., levers, handstands, bridges). With these critical elements, gymnasts will learn skills more quickly, correctly, and safely. 


Building on foundational elements, team athletes begin focusing on skills and dance elements required for competition and are expected to attend practice 2 - 4 days. A separate assessment is required to cover meet fees. 

These classes are Invitation Only. For more information or to try out, please email or call 301.770.2700.

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